We are changing the way you think about “Cookies”. In our world, “Cookies” are pint-sized foodies. At Cook N Grow, we have found through research and personal experience that kids are more likely to try new things when they are actively engaged in the process. We took the time to do just that. We designed our classes with our young Cookies in mind. At Cook N Grow we have fun classes, unique ingredients, and great recipes that will help your child develop an interest in cooking and good eating habits. In addition to a fun cooking process, our Cookies will learn the importance of knowing and understanding when their food comes from before eating it.


Rest assured parents, we do everything with education at the core. We know that you care about your child, but might not have the time and energy or passion for cooking that we do. We understand that between all the other day-to-day activities it is hard to add in the challenge of teaching about food at home. That is why we are here. At Cook N Grow, we want to help foster the cooking passion in your Cookies. We want to help them learn the skills so that they will want to help you and show you all that they are learning. We want to give them the skills to help you in the kitchen, maybe teach you a thing or two and increase the amount of quality time that is spent together.


Who does not want to hear their child ask if they can make dinner tonight?


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