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At Cook N Grow we believe that good habits are more powerful than will power. We believe that we all need to learn how to eat better and to eat real, quality food. And we want to start with the you, whether you are 2 or 102. We want to make sure that everyone has the ability to develop the best habits, so that they do not have to rely on willpower to make changes. We want to teach our “Cookies” that fast does not always equal good for you and easy does not mean nutritious. We want them to understand that in spite of the commercials, quality does not come out of a can.
At Cook N Grow, we want everyone to find their way around a kitchen and recognize that they have a place in the kitchen. We want all our Cookies to care about what they are eating and know how to prepare food that is good for them AND tastes good. The Cook N Grow Programs do just that; they teach people how to eat fresh, start from scratch with real ingredients, and how to live a healthier lifestyle without feeling like they are sacrificing taste. Through encouraging everyone to know the basic skills in the kitchen, we also hope to encourage more engagement as a family and less time staring at little screens. We desire cooking to bring the family closer together and meaningful; knowing how to create a great meal is just a bonus!
And for our smallest Cookies, we use our Cook N Grow programs to help them learn that the kitchen is a wonderful place for learning. We will help them develop additional skills outside of blanching and broiling. We will help them see algebra and geometry in action. They will work with fractions and problem solving. We will show them how to make recipes bigger and smaller. At Cook N Grow we will do all of this with foods that they love and foods that they have never heard of. We will open their minds to creativity with the foods they are used to and the wonder of trying new things. We will teach them about different cultures around the world and they will explore countries they might not have heard of before. We might even throw in a few lessons in manners and etiquette, but please keep that our little secret!
Our classes are a journey through new places, new skills and new tastes. Please come along with us, we are all young at heart!

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