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I am the head “Cookie” for Cook N Grow.  I have spent the majority of my life around the kitchen and great food.  My father dedicated forty (40) years of his life to food.  He worked in the family winery and my mother and brothers have been involved with several restaurants and the catering business.  Through watching them and being around them, I got to experience the wonder that is the kitchen.  Their passion and work ethic rubbed off on me, and I, too, love to experiment with new dishes and ideas.
At a young age, I could be found selling homemade pastries to friends and family.  As I grew, my passion to teach the arts of the kitchen started to show through.  I would teach the youth and adults around me how to cook.  After seven (7) years of teaching, I took a detour and focused on building something other than recipes and taste combinations.  I became an architect and did that for several years, but my passion and my heart remained in the kitchen.
The kitchen gives me an opportunity to share everything that I had learned during my life collecting family recipes and times travelling and living abroad.  I have lived all over the world, including Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, and South America before taking up residence in the states.  My moves allowed me to learn and develop different techniques, sample unique flavors, and learn different cultures from around the globe.  Now, through Cook N Grow, I want to share those adventures for your taste buds and cultures with you.
When I became a wife and mother, it became obvious to me the value and importance of our children eating well and how powerful the time spent around the table was for us to remain close to one another and engaged in each others lives.  This is more and more true everyday as smartphones and screens are everywhere.  The only thing that families have left are the meals that we share together.
With those things weighing heavily on my heart, I started Cook N Grow.  I want to create a place where you can learn how to make the mundane foods of the past magical and new.  I want to introduce you and your children to new styles, new tastes and new cultures.  It is our desire at Cook N Grow to make the kitchen fun and exciting.  I want to help your children light up when they are asked to help with cooking.  I want them to be able to teach you a few things as well.
Through Cook N Grow, I want your kids to also see the value of education in everything that they do.  I want to help them see mathematics in the kitchen.  I want them to learn about new cultures and new foods.  I want them to not be afraid to try new things.  We will help them to understand that it is ok to make mistakes and how to correct them.  We will help them to not be afraid to try and grow in self-esteem because they are doing the work.  And if they learn a few things about manners…you can thank me later!
My passion is food and the future generations.  Together we can make sure that both are well taken care of!

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